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Especially today, just as every other day, grateful for persistent struggling with time and adversities, appreciating invaluable role in creating stable logistics and supply chain and both building and developing Polish economy, we wish all Couriers and Carriers...

We talk to Marcin Michalak, Director of Network Management at DPD Poland, about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the operations of courier companies, the challenges of managing one of the largest transport networks in Poland, as well as the course of implementation and the business effects of using a TMS class system provided by Omecon.

PwC, at the invitation from the Polish Transport and Logistics Employers’ Association Poland (Związek Pracodawców Transport i Logistyka Polska), has prepared a report aimed at summarizing the expected directions of development of the Polish road hauling industry over the next 10 years.

A world where the ubiquitous technology has solved all current problems, a zero-growth world or a world without sufficient international cooperation. These are the scenarios for the future outlined in the new “Logistics 2040” report published by FM Logistic CE in cooperation with experts from 4CF specializing in strategic foresight. The report encourages a discussion on the future of logistics and its role in Europe’s economy over a 20-year period.

While the globalization index remained unchanged in 2019, estimates for 2020 indicate that the number of global links will decline significantly. The main reason is the coronavirus. However, despite the pandemic, the level of connectivity is unlikely to be lower than in 2008-2009, when we were dealing with the global financial crisis. This is due to the fact that trade and capital flows are already returning to their early-2020 levels.

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