Last mile mobile apps

Streamline your operations over the last mile. Check how the comprehensive functionality of the &UP® mobile application will ensure efficiency and timeliness of your deliveries, pick-ups and returns.

Improve operational efficiency and timeliness of deliveries, collections and returns

The &UP® app is a mobile system for carriers, designed to optimize their work. The solution for efficient assignment of orders is intended not only for postal operators or logistics courier services but also for logistics and distribution centers and commercial and service networks whose drivers and carriers provide daily delivery and collection services.

The main purpose of the application is real-time communication between the dispatcher and the carriers equipped with portable terminals supporting the performance of their activities.

Monitor operations in real time

The implementation of the &UP® application enables a significant improvement in efficiency of the operations of courier teams, in delivery timeliness and success rates and in quality of real-time process control. The versatile functionality of the system provides comprehensive support for the delivery process and for the performance of additional services at various operational steps:

Registration of consignments to be delivered (scanning of codes in the warehouse)

Planning and setting of optimal order delivery routes

Execution of delivery, collection and return orders

Daily control and monitoring of order execution progress (status updates)

Handling of electronic payments and cash collections (COD)

Settlement of cash payment funds (COD) and return documents (ROD)

Achieve excellence in communication with your carriers – provide up-to-date information to order shippers and recipients

As a solution dedicated to the support of last mile processes, the &UP® mobile application combines the functionality of the dispatcher and of the carrier. In the area of planning, the dispatcher can group orders by location or service standard, queue them by scheduling, and instantly transfer them to the carrier’s mobile device.

Thanks to active geolocation, the planner has access to the current real-time view of the carriers’ locations, which, combined with an insight into the current status of execution of orders, enables quick assessment of availability of carriers and automatic determination of the closest execution date for ad-hoc orders. In the event that it is not possible to forward an order to a carrier (a random event), the dispatcher may re-direct the order to another carrier.

In the area of order execution, the carrier – equipped with a mobile device (portable terminal, smartphone or tablet) with the installed application – receives full support in the performance of collection and delivery processes.

While carrying out the daily plan, the carrier has access to a schedule optimized in terms of travel time and route length, containing detailed order information. At the same time, the application provides navigation between successively executed orders with a time estimation function (ETA) in relation to road conditions.

In case of an unexpected random event, it is possible (after proper authorization) to change the sequence of execution of orders in the schedule.

In addition, the carrier has access to up-to-date information on the status of the plan completion (including an assessment of the time required for the execution of the pending orders) and receives in real time notifications of new (ad-hoc) orders with the function of accepting or rejecting them. Proper integration with electronic payment and payment terminal operators ensures the finalization of the required settlements and financial operations with clients (support for the BLIK contactless payment system).

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Support of deliveries and collections (parcel scanning)

Handling of complaints and returns

Route optimization

Geolocation and satellite navigation

Ad-hoc order management

Order re-direction support (PUDO, parcel lockers)

Notifications of changes and new orders

Support of electronic, cash and contactless payments

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Implementation effects

Last mile mobile application

  • Flexible and scalable solution for your current business needs
  • Adaptation of functionalities to operational processes and business specificities
  • Application used daily by 2,500 users
  • Short system implementation time
  • Integration with CRM, ERP and WMS
  • Compatible with Android and Windows Phone operating systems
  • Compatibility with different electronic payment operators
  • Integration with a number of mobile devices (payment terminals, fiscal printers)

Benefits from deploying
the last-mile applications

  • Shorter lead times for delivery and collection orders
  • Better efficiency of carriers due to route planning and optimization
  • Improved delivery timeliness
  • Better customer service quality
  • Increased security with support for contactless electronic payment methods

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