OMECON - rozwiązania IT dla transportu i logistyki - We provide ready-made IT solutions for distribution, transport and logistics.

We provide ready-made IT solutions for distribution, transport and logistics.

Together with the solution we provide specialist knowledge and substantive and organizational support. We attach great importance to the requirement that the tool must effectively support optimally planned processes, thus ensuring the greatest business value.

Explore the comprehensive &UP® platform for operational optimization of distribution, logistics and transportation.

Our platform is a multifaceted solution with functionality corresponding to the operational areas in the field of linehaul, delivery notification, as well as last mile and e-commerce processes . From the business point of view, our clients receive efficient solutions for their customers and suppliers in the form of mobile and Web applications that optimize logistics operations, support financial and settlement activities, assist business analytics and provide support to sales departments.

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Below you will find information about the solutions that, all together, form the modular &UP® platform for managing broadly defined logistics processes. The offered modules can successfully function as stand-alone systems or constitute functional elements of the &UP® platform.

New TMS system for DPD

The TMS-class system built by the Omecon team is today the foundation of DPD Poland’s linehaul transport.
The Omecon system provided us with was a new solution whose specification was adapted to our needs and enhanced with the functions we required. A number of factors influenced our choice. Firstly, the solution offered us the expected increase in productivity, as well as security and continuity of business operations. This was possible thanks to the extensive capabilities of the platform provided by Omecon.

Marcin Michalak
Director of Network Management at DPD Poland


&UP® – the modular platform for managing operations in logistic processes

The universal solution that integrates key functionalities necessary for the efficient handling of transport processes, cooperation with subcontractors, settlements and field customer service.
It is an open environment featuring high performance, availability and smooth integration with the clients’ hardware and software infrastructure (CRM, ERP, WMS, YMS, SF, electronic seals, telematic systems).

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The aim of the implementation was to provide a convenient application supporting field activities of sales representatives. The application enables market and opinion surveys and supports the market launch of new products. The complete solution consists of the mobile application and the central module for managing and reporting promotional activities. It has been integrated with the CRM, warehouse and financial/accounting systems. The implementation has improved the data capture process, customer service quality and employee efficiency. It has also optimized working times and promotional and commercial activities.


The supplied TMS system is responsible for planning and distributing timetables, as well as for generating transaction/operation acknowledgments, transport orders and waybills. It also supports the settlement of accounts with carriers, invoicing and effective management of transport operations including the loading and unloading of trucks, thus ensuring timely collection and delivery of goods in branches.
The solution also comes with a guarantee of high performance and availability, ease of development and implementation of new functionalities, integration with process automation systems and full scalability to stay ahead of the growth of the business.


The aim of the project was to implement a Web application for Sales Team Coordinators and a mobile application for Sales Representatives, and to integrate the apps with the existing IT system infrastructure. The key functionality was responsible for exchanging information on the current statuses of tasks, communicating with field personnel and supporting sales activities.
The benefits of the implementation included optimization of customer acquisition costs, turnover forecasting, measurement field personnel performance and, in general, operating costs. The quality of communication and of the process of settling accounts with sales representatives has also improved.

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