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Line haul management systems (TMS)

Explore the whole spectrum of capabilities of the efficient and open environment that supports key transport operations and is ready to handle the changing scale of processes while maintaining high availability.

industrial solutions

Transport management systems are used in many industrial segments where transport and logistics function is the common denominator. Thanks to its scalability, TMS &UP® is a useful tool for logistics operators regardless of the fleet size and the scale of operations. It is a versatile transport management application, offering users a range of solutions to optimize the work of planners, dispatchers, carriers, sorting staff and financial and billing departments.

If you represent one of the following groups (regardless of your fleet type: own or outsourced) and plan to optimize your processes for comprehensive transportation services, please contact our experts.

  • Transport, forwarding and logistics companies
  • Logistics operators (CEP industry)
  • Production and distribution companies
  • Retail chains

The functionality of the TMS &UP® system has been adapted to successfully support diverse models of transport processes, such as shuttle, circumferential, radial, mixed or cross-docking.

Plan, monitor and do the accounts!

The system supports transport processes carried out by both own and outsourced fleets. It enables synchronization of transport between branches (warehouses and sorting plants), efficient management through registration of delivery, unloading and shipment, as well as management of the rotating infrastructure in the form of semitrailers or truck-tractors. As a web application, the system supports the management of line haul within the framework of national and international logistics in the following three key aspects:

Link planning and management of driving schedules

Performance and monitoring of logistics and distribution operations

Performance and monitoring of logistics and distribution operations

The user has a convenient interface for insight into details of transport orders, including:

  • Characteristics of the resources (vehicle and carrier)
  • Planned route
  • Types of services provided under the order
  • Current status of links and services
  • Financial records

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We will help you discover new opportunities for your business!

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New TMS system for DPD

The TMS-class system built by the Omecon team is today the foundation of DPD Poland’s linehaul transport.
The Omecon system provided us with was a new solution whose specification was adapted to our needs and enhanced with the functions we required. A number of factors influenced our choice. Firstly, the solution offered us the expected increase in productivity, as well as security and continuity of business operations. This was possible thanks to the extensive capabilities of the platform provided by Omecon.

Marcin Michalak
Director of Network Management at DPD Poland



Link planning and registration

Creation of transport orders

Automatic shipment of orders to carriers

Assigning resources to connections

Status-flagging of travels and transport links

Management of files, contracts and price lists

Automatic pricing of completed travels

Invoicing and registration of charges

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Implementation effects

Benefits of implementing
the transport management system

  • Speed up the distribution of transport orders
  • Reduce the times of response to events and route schedule changes
  • Improve your control of resources (vehicle, driver and branch files)
  • Increase efficiency and capacity of your sorting plants
  • Increase the number of transport operations handled
  • Optimize your loading and unloading processes
  • Save time by automating your settlements with carriers

Achieve full process synergies with cross-system integration

The TMS &UP® system an environment open to integration with external system and hardware infrastructures. To achieve the full competitive advantage, we offer system integration in the areas of:

Resource planning (ERP)

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Warehouse management and control (ERP, WMS)

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Yard management and delivery notification (YMS)

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Financial management and accounting (SF).

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    Performance of transport operations as part of logistic processes

    • Weekly route schedule planning

      The planning unit can set up a travel schedule for the next week

    • Daily generation of links

      The planning unit can set up a daily link schedule based on timetables

    • Carrier's portal

      Shipping of transport orders, link notification (completion of the link data by the carrier)

    • Entry

      Functionality: search for a journey, tractor set selection, trip registration (vehicle and driver data, seal numbers)

    • Docking

      Functionality: trip lookup and registration (dock number, semitrailer, seal numbers, load percentage and form)

    • Unloading

      Functionality: trip lookup, trip registration (semitrailer, dock number)

    • Loading

      Functionality: trip lookup, trip registration (semitrailer, dock number)

    • Clearance

      Functionality: trip lookup, loading parameters (percentage and form), package registration, trip registration (semitrailer and driver data, dock number)

    • Departure

      Functionality: trip lookup, tractor set selection, trip registration (semitrailer, tractor, driver details, seal numbers)

    • Communication with electronic seals

      Transmission of the link data, seal numbers, transport documents, driver’s name, semitrailer registration number

    • Trip closure

      Functionality: trip lookup, trip registration (semitrailer, dock number)

    • Settlements with carriers

      Functionality: trip lookup, trip registration (semitrailer, dock number)