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Yard and delivery notification management systems (YMS)

Functional excellence in a single tool

The aim of the system is to simplify as much as possible all procedures for registering vehicles entering and leaving the monitored area. The module for notification of deliveries, transport and visits, which operates in the form of the Web application, enables effective control and efficient management of vehicle records. Centralized transport order management speeds up communication and enables accurate planning of vehicle loading and unloading dates through automatic notification of deliveries and handling of occupancy of the transloading docks

The YMS &UP® system combines the functionalities of modules for distribution of orders to suppliers (the carrier’s portal), transport handling and electronic notification (self-service kiosks and entry terminals), license plate recognition, yard and dock management, weight control of vehicles and driver information (radio paging system, information boards, GSM text messages). The versatile functionality allows full automation of the handling of entry to, and exit from, the logistic center, while shortening the drivers’ time of waiting for entry and while maintaining a high level of safety by effectively controlling the routes and intensity of vehicle traffic on the maneuvering yard.

Notify, verify and control!

The system supports the management of the yard in the areas of the notification and scheduling of transport, the management and control of vehicle traffic on site and the handling of warehouse processes (loading / unloading).

The transport handling system uses advanced automation functions, combined with access control and handling systems for cargo and personnel traffic. It enables safe management of vehicle and personnel records by combining the features of intelligent monitoring, vehicle traffic control and interactive information exchange.

The information tools and technologies allow for full automation of vehicle verification based on pre-defined access rules. A key advantage of the system is the simplification of all procedures performed by security personnel, by automatically reading license plate numbers and by photographing vehicles staying on the premises.

The transport notification module, which operates through a Web browser, allows you to effectively control and improve efficiency of the vehicle inventory management. The main functionality is responsible for supervising processes from the arrival of a vehicle to the place of unloading or loading, through the performance of warehouse operations, up to the departure of the vehicle from the site.

The most important advantages of the application include increased safety on the maneuvering yard, improvement of vehicle traffic management on site and optimization of unloading and loading processes.

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Notification of deliveries and transport

Control of the registration process at the driver service point

Identification of registration plates of entering vehicles

Vehicle traffic control on site

Management of the dock availability schedule

Support of inventory process completion statuses

Registration of warehouse operation times

Real-time event management (alerts)

Achieve full operational efficiency with automatic transport notification

The YMS &UP® system is an environment open to integration with external system and hardware infrastructure. In order to achieve full efficiency in handling logistic processes, we offer integration in the following areas:

  • operations – warehouse management (ERP, WMS) and transport management (TMS)
  • process safety – identification of vehicles with automatic control of barriers and gates (LPR, CCTV) and identification of employees and visitors (access control)

Technologies used in the construction of the &UP® system provide, in their complexity, a unique combination of the IT layer (responsible for supporting logistic operations) and automation (in charge of maintenance-free performance of vehicle registration and delivery notification processes).

Benefits from implementing the yard management and delivery notification system

  • Automation of the process of entry to the logistic center
  • Increased safety in the maneuvering area
  • Elimination of bottlenecks and downtimes
  • Ongoing monitoring of vehicle traffic on site
  • Increased efficiency and capacity of the logistic center
  • Optimization of loading and unloading processes
  • Increased number of shipments and deliveries handled due owing to the delivery notification
  • Improvement in quality of carrier service and logistics operations

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    Etapy procesu


      Definition of transport service data: due date plus vehicle and driver data


      Place of publication of information on current transport orders for freight forwarders and logistics operators


      By accepting the terms and conditions, the carrier undertakes to provide a vehicle for the performance of the notified transport service (cargo transport or loading).


      Before the notified vehicle enters the site (warehouse, distribution centre, production plant), it is verified for conformity through the scanning of the registration plates by means of an automatic registration number recognition system, confirmation of the driver data using an identity document reader, inspection of goods and weighing of the vehicle


      Provision of the notified service


      Directing the vehicle to an exit gate. In the case of loading, the vehicle can be weighed for verification of compliance with the notified service.