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Route and delivery optimization systems

Excellence in planning and optimization

The &UP® route planning and optimization module supports planners and dispatchers in the operational management of the vehicle fleet and its drivers, carriers or field workers. The functionality of the module allows planners to efficiently set routes, taking into account a number of optimization criteria, while advanced algorithms make modifications the sequences of trips and in other aspects of the execution of the order, depending on pre-defined priorities. Routes are planned based on basic data (road network, traffic volumes, traffic regulations) captured from the map systems integrated into the module and using additional optimization parameters such as scheduled time windows, lead times or vehicle payloads. The algorithms used to plan the route take into account, inter alia, the length of the route, the average travel time for each successive section of the route, the cost of the trip for a particular type of vehicle and the current traffic on selected sections of the planned route.

Based on these parameters, the optimization module generates alternative routes, optimal for the specified criterion: cost effectiveness, travel time, shortest route. In addition, the system also determines the time necessary for the performance of individual tasks (deliveries or services) assigned to the route, which consequently directly translates into an optimization of the fleet usage, an improvement in the efficiency and quality of shipments and other services, while reducing costs and shortening travel time..

Optimize your routes, cut costs and increase delivery and service efficiency

By ensuring high efficiency and speed of service, the &UP® route and delivery optimization module provides invaluable support in last mile management processes also in the context of planning zones and areas served by carriers. The creation of a zone plan is carried out based on ZIP codes assigned to the operational branches of organizations, or operational areas, of carriers. The module allows you to assign pre-defined plans to specific days or calendar periods, calculate and re-calculate routes, present the zone plan on a selected map in several different layers and views, and modify the map and zones using the graphic interface.

Scheduled routes are recorded in the system and presented on the map in the form of optimized paths and, then, transmitted directly to mobile devices operated by drivers, carriers or field workers. In the event of addition of a new (ad-hoc) order, the dispatcher can re-schedule and re-calculate the route during the day, taking into account the current location of the vehicle and the current execution status of the existing and planned orders.

The &UP® route planning and optimization module has a beneficial effect on the work of planners and carriers, increasing efficiency of planning and execution of tasks. Next, from the economic and financial terms, it optimizes the usage of the available fleet while reducing the mileage and operating costs of transport.

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Optimization by time windows (loading and unloading)

Optimization by time and cost of travel

Optimization by vehicle types

Update of optimization results during order execution

Taking account of priorities in the execution of orders

Current route load monitoring

Comprehensive management of areas and zones

Presentation of results and drivers’ routes on current maps

Goals of the route planning and optimization system

  • Support for the most complex logistic issues 
  • Optimization the use of the transport fleet 
  • Minimization of operating costs: staff, vehicles, lost opportunities 
  • Increase in the productivity of planners and dispatchers 

Benefits from implementing the route planning and optimization system

  • Differentiation of optimization options
  • Minimization of operating costs (personnel, vehicles, lost opportunities),
  • Optimization of the use of the transport fleet
  • Increase in the productivity of planners and dispatchers

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