OMECON - rozwiązania IT dla transportu i logistyki - For 15 years we have been providing comprehensive IT solutions designed for distribution, logistics and transport.

For 15 years we have been providing comprehensive IT solutions designed for distribution, logistics and transport.

The software we develop is scalable and designed for handling operational processes of any volume. Its flexibility means that it can be successfully used in the context of diverse business-critical processes requiring the processing of large amounts of data in near real time.

“Everything is Possible”
is a motto that constantly inspires us to act.

By building a responsible and modern business, we create a space of values ​​and principles that favor the development of young people, talents and potential of employees.

Paweł Prasuła – Founder of the EIP Group (Chief Executive Officer of EIP S.A.)

We successfully work for large and small domestic and international companies in the logistics sector.

Our clients include numerous logistics operators as well as companies conducting trading and distribution business. We serve most of the international courier companies representing the Polish CEP sector, providing them with dedicated solutions that support their operational processes and reflect their unique specificity. The solutions we design and implement have often been an important milestone in the transformation of the supply market in the face of the advancing digital reality.

Bartłomiej Raczyński, Managing Director

OUR MISSION is to provide efficient solutions and comprehensive customer support in the development and maintenance of systems that optimize operational processes in the field of distribution, logistics and transport.

By offering added value in the form of know-how and many years of expertise through everyday activities, we are gaining recognition of our clients as a trusted partner and supplier of highly available systems.

Paweł Garbacz, Development Director

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Our advantage is the strength of the team

We have a team of 70 specialists selected for both their competences and personal characteristics. This is how we create a friendly working environment and a creative atmosphere, which contributes directly to our efficiency and our relationships with clients. We focus on long-term cooperation by bringing together a number of generations of specialists. Our team is composed of both senior experts, university lecturers, and young specialists bringing a fresh perspective supported by extensive knowledge.

We build long-term relationships based on mutual respect and trust

We follow clear rules of communication and cooperation

We offer synergy and continuous development in teamwork

We employ a team of highly qualified engineers, programmers and managers

We offer many years of experience in process optimization in the areas of logistics, transport and distribution

We provide end-to-end IT solutions to increase operational efficiency

Benefits from cooperation with OMECON

  • Two decades of expertise in developing and maintaining IT solutions
  • Knowledge, good industry practices and substantive and organizational support
  • Flexible approach when choosing project implementation methodologies
  • Comprehensiveness IT services: from audit through implementation to maintenance
  • Cooperation with a highly qualified team
  • Individual package of services based on the client’s business goals
  • Advanced IT solutions in the fields of distribution, logistics and transport

Benefits from the solutions offered

  • Integration with the clients’ legacy systems
  • Efficient exchange and flow of data
  • The comprehensive platform instead of a number of systems retrofit to provide multifunctionality
  • Full supervision over logistics processes covered by the platform’s functionality
  • The solution designed for multi-branch organizations
  • Smaller future costs of maintenance and development of a number of systems
  • Less demand for integration
  • Convenient implementation, development, maintenance and use of the solution
  • 5 000 mobile users logged into the system
  • 2 000 online contacts handled daily
  • 100 branches served by the central system
  • 4 000 delivery notices recorded daily
  • 540 000 orders registered in the system per day
  • PLN 4 billion collected from cash on delivery shipments per year

Technical competence

  • Systems based on the Java technology and onmicroservices – Spring Boot
  • Web applications- Angular, PHP, HTML
  • Mobile apps
  • Database applications- Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSSql
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence systems
  • Integration tools ESB

Substantive competence

  • Optimization of distribution processes
  • Optimization of processes in line haul
  • Route and delivery optimization
  • Traffic management for vehicles and persons in logistic centers
  • Improved field service delivery processes
  • System support for mobile workers

Breakthrough moments


Design of the flagship product (the &UP® platform) and its migration to the microservices architecture

Implementation of the solution that supports mobile payment methods using payment cards

Effective integration of the &UP® distribution system with the main IT system of a global courier corporation

Implementation of the solution aimed at new forms of shipping – the handling of shipment and collection points

Development of a number of web client applications while maximizing their usability

Creation of the GIS-class solution for graphic analysis of territorial data

Design and launch of the first mobile carrier app communicating with the system in real time

Construction and equipping of the interface for the first version of the Data Warehouse as the central repository of information on all operations

Implementation of the advanced billing model allowing clients to efficiently account for payments received for cash on delivery (COD) shipments

Launch of the first Web application interfacing the system to the end user (consignor) for order capture in real time

Use of the Internet to improve the system through efficient exchange of system data

Design and implementation of the first IT system supporting the delivery process, enabling the processing of data delivered without fixed communication (off-line)

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We will help you discover new opportunities for your business!

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