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Mobile apps for field workers

Ergonomics at your fingertips

The &UP® solution is a Sales Force Automation (SFA) system supporting and automating the company’s trading and selling

The &UP® system provides a comprehensive support for processes from the moment of acquisition of a sales lead by field employees, through its forwarding to a competent manager, continuation of the customer service process, commercial deal closure, up to the after-sales service.

The extensive modular functionality of the solution provides invaluable support to, among others, sales representatives in their daily field activities, tasks and targets. The mobile application effectively supports field workers in the implementation of their work in both marketing and promotional and operational areas in the direct distribution and sales (preselling, vanselling). The central application, on the other hand, thanks to the convenience of planning activities and efficient distribution and delegation of tasks, enables operational departments responsible for the planning of promotions and sales to monitor in real time effects and progress of implementation of selected strategies by field representatives.

Tailor the functionality to your needs and processes

The solution consists of the mobile application for field workers and managers using portable devices (smartphones, tablets, mobile terminals) and the report module of central application for planning and management of field activities.

Thanks to the modular architecture of the &UP® system, it is possible to functionally adapt the application to the current business needs of the client and, above all, sales processes and the specifics of the industry represented by the organization. In general, the modular functionality is responsible for, among others, event planning and task execution processes, registration, exchange, data update and analysis, warehouse management and control, field management, assignment of tasks and support for promotional campaigns.

The &UP® system is open to integration with an external IT infrastructure. To achieve the full competitive advantage, we offer system integration in the areas of customer relationship management (CRM), financial and accounting management (SF) and warehouse management control (ERP, WMS). In addition, the mobile application for field workers and managers is completely integrated with complementary devices supporting customer service in the form of payment terminals and mobile fiscal printers, owing to which it is possible to handle the process of issuing sales documents in the field (FV, PZ, WZ, RW, fiscal receipts). The system, supporting contactless electronic payments, guarantees security of transactions and the handling of returns.

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Define campaigns and events

Schedule and execute tasks

Present interactive content

Conduct market and opinion research

Manage time and workplace

Manage warehouse inventories

Take advantage of electronic payments

Report on operations and strategies

Goals of the system

  • Provide a simple and convenient application to support field operations
  • Improve effectiveness of the employee management
  • Facilitate the work of field personnel
  • Gain high efficiency of promotional and commercial activities
  • Support decision-making processes through analytics and data forecasts
  • Support promotional campaigns, market and opinion research and processes for the implementation of new products on the market

Benefits from implementing the system

  • Optimize the data collection process with the survey system
  • Improve communication through fast job distribution
  • Improve work efficiency by controlling the degree of achievement of tasks and goals
  • Optimize trade processes by scheduling activities
  • Optimize warehouse management by monitoring inventories
  • Reduce the cost of commercial visits by optimizing routes
  • Improve the quality of customer service through evaluation of trading processes

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