OMECON - rozwiązania IT dla transportu i logistyki - The mobile courier system for the management of shipments

The mobile courier system for the management of shipments

The need to implement a mobile system with high and proven operational efficiency aimed at increasing the quality of customer service (punctuality, quality, process control)

Business challenges: Achieve the assumed process efficiency, fast response time and integration with the central GLS operating system.

Implementation results:

  • Improved customer service standard (the ability to control the delivery process through mandatory contact with the consignee).
  • Improved efficiency of courier teams.

The system in the form of the Web application supports the management of line haul within the framework of national and international logistics in the following three key aspects:

  • Link planning and trip schedule management
  • Performance and monitoring of logistic and distribution operations
  • Management and control of settlements for executed orders

The system supports transport processes carried out by both own and outsourced fleets. It allows for synchronization of transport between branches (warehouses and sorting plants) and for efficient management through registration of deliveries, unloading and shipping. It also supports the management of the rotating infrastructure in the form of semitrailers or tractors.

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